What are Themed Boards?

All of the Themed Boards have a key role in reviewing trainee progress in both the academic and workplace elements.

Who's involved?

All Themed Boards are chaired by the Head of School with attendance by Training Programme Directors employed at the NSHCS and other School staff as appropriate.

Each division has two STP Trainee representatives.

Representatives from the Academy for Healthcare Science and the universities delivering the academic component also attend the meetings, ensuring that the discussions are lively and diverse. We aim to serve as a conduit bringing together the interests of the entire group to create a unified scientist voice. Being able to share the career development across the scientific specialists enriches the whole healthcare science workforce.

The diverse range of members ensures a wide perspective on all aspects of training and a broad experience across the country. They advise on all stages of training, from recruitment to final assessment. Continued membership is reviewed regularly and individual membership is usually two years.

What do they do?

Members of the board represent their respective professional group and geographical region. They also bring specialist advice and input into the overall work of the School. These meeting also provide a strong and meaningful connection between the School and the professional groups.

The board membership also includes trainee representatives who have set up networks across the cohorts and the universities. These have allowed the trainees to bring extensive and detailed feedback to the board meetings. With the support of other board members they also work hard between meetings to help resolve queries and find solutions for fellow trainees.

Life Sciences Themed Board

The Life Sciences board represents:

  • Infection sciences
  • Blood sciences
  • Genetics
  • Clinical bioinformatics
  • Cellular sciences

Physical Sciences Themed Board

The Physical Sciences board represents:

  • Medical physics
  • Clinical engineering

Physiological Sciences Themed Board

The Physiological Sciences board represents:

  • Cardiac, Critical Care, Vascular, Respiratory and Sleep (CCVRS) sciences
  • Neurosensory sciences

If you require any further information about the Themed Boards please email us at nshcs@hee.nhs.uk