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December 2020 IAPS

The School would like to scope the number of IAPS sittings that may be required for December 2020. We appreciate that it is hard to predict at this time, so an expression of interest does not commit you to taking the assessment in December; however, it will allow us to start the process of planning and to ensure that we have sufficient trained and available specialist examiners.

To sit the December IAPS, you would need to register and submit your HSST Standards of Proficiency Evidence Showcase by mid-September. This means, therefore, that all evidence for the full range of Standards of Proficiency would need to be completed and signed off by your workplace supervisor by mid-September.

In order to allow flexibility in opportunity to sit your IAPS, we will no longer require your research project thesis to have been submitted prior to registering for your IAPS.

To submit your expression of interest in sitting your IAPS in December 2020, please complete this very short online survey by 30/06/2020.

Expression in sitting your IAPS survey