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HSST recruitment

Information regarding HSST recruitment during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Latest statement

Statement published on 21st May 

This year, due to the pandemic and subsequent public health response, we will be conducting all interviews virtually. Access details will be sent to candidates individually.

The Panel

Interview panels will comprise of a Senior Specialist Scientist and a Senior Member of the NSHCS Leadership Team. For a select number of interviews, there will be a Lay Representative observing the process.

The Interview Structure

Your interview will be 40 minutes long;

  • 10-minute presentation with 10 minutes of questions
  • 10 minutes leadership questions
  • 10 minutes scientific questions

The Presentation

As we are using a virtual platform for interviews this year, candidates will be required to share their desktop screens for the panel to view their presentation.

We will be running sessions for you to have an attempt at sharing your screen to help you become confident with the technology and platform. We highly encourage you to attend a session.

  • 16 June 2020: 9am-12pm
  • 17 June 2020: 9am-12pm
  • 18 June 2020: 9am-12pm

Log in details for the practice sessions will be made available in your individual invites.

Attending your interview:

There will be a briefing each morning at 9am on the day of the interviews.

To participate in the interviews, you will be required to log onto a device that has a camera function. No ‘audio only’ interviews will be taking place.

On the day of your interview, please ensure that you have the following documents with you:

  • 2 Photo ID documents inclusive of your Original Passport.
  • Evidence of HCPC Professional registration. If professional registration is still underway, please provide one copy of this evidence from the professional body.
  • If you have a disability, and require particular arrangements to be made to enable you to attend or if you require support to assist you during the interview, please contact on receipt of this notification so we can discuss how we will support you.
  • If you are unable to attend your interview, please email the NSHCS Helpdesk Service as soon as possible

Previous statements

21st May - Interview schedules

HSST Interview Schedules

22nd June

9:30 11:00 13:00 14:30
Clinical Bioinformatics Health Informatics Clinical Bioinformatics


Clinical Biochemistry Clinical Biochemistry
Medical Physics Medical Physics Medical Physics Medical Physics
Radiotherapy Physics Radiotherapy Physics Radiotherapy Physics Radiotherapy Physics
Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics
Immunology Immunology Immunology

23rd June

9:30 11:00 13:00 14:30
Respiratory & Sleep Respiratory & Sleep Respiratory & Sleep
Cardiac Science Cardiac Science Respiratory & sleep Respiratory & sleep
Audiology Neurophysiology Radiotherapy Physics Radiotherapy Physics
Imaging Physics Radiotherapy Physics Radiotherapy Physics Radiotherapy Physics
Clinical Biomedical Engineering Radiotherapy Physics Radiotherapy Physics Radiotherapy Physics

24th June

9:30 11:00 13:00
Microbiology Microbiology Microbiology
Microbiology Microbiology Microbiology
Cardiac Science Cardiac Science Cardiac Science
Reproductive Science Reproductive Science Reproductive Science
Molecular Pathology of Acquired Disease Molecular Pathology of Acquired Disease

Important Dates

1 June Deadline for candidate confirming interview attendance or declining
15 June Closing day for candidates sending presentations to NSHCS
16 June (9am – 12pm)  Technology Testing Session
17 June (9am – 12pm) Technology Testing Session
18 June (9am – 12pm) Technology Testing Session
22 June Interviews for:

Clinical Bioinformatics (Genomics)
Clinical Bioinformatics (Health Informatics)
Clinical Biochemistry
Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics
Medical Physics
Radiotherapy Physics

23 June Interviews for:

Cardiac Science
Clinical Biomedical Engineering
Imaging Physics
Radiotherapy Physics
Respiratory & Sleep

24 June Interviews for:

Cardiac Science
Molecular Pathology of Acquired Disease
Reproductive Science

3 July Offers and confirmations
10 July Hold Deadlin

13th May - modified interview process

Statement published on 13th May 

Higher Specialist Scientist Training recruitment will be going ahead this year and we intend to recruit a cohort imminently, to start the programme in September. This year’s national interview event was cancelled because of the COVID-19 restrictions. An alternative selection method has now been agreed. Detailed guidance will be issued as soon as possible. Below are the broad outlines.


We will use a modified interview process for selection for the 2020 intake. Normally, applicants sit multiple mini-interviews. This year these will be replaced by a single interview conducted through video conferencing. We will let you know what video platforms are available.

There will be training and further briefings to ensure you are able to use the chosen video platform without glitches.

In-service applicants

For all in-service applicants, the interview will be conducted by one specialist scientist and one senior representative of the School. A sample will be observed by a lay representative for quality assurance purposes.

The interview will consist of a ten-minute presentation of a research proposal plus a selection of science and leadership/values/behaviours questions. We will use a scoring system based on the normal interview scoring template.

Direct entry applicants

For direct entry applicants, interviews will be conducted in the same way as the in-service interviews, but the specialist scientist on the panel will be from the prospective employer. All interviews for external applicants will all include the participation of a lay representative who will focus particularly on professionalism, leadership, values and behaviours. Applicants will be required to confirm, before interview, that they have either achieved clinical scientist registration or at least have submitted their portfolio to apply for equivalence.

Planned dates

The interviews will take place in the week starting 22 June.

Next steps

We will shortly send out details about the interview schedules and technology. For the employers/senior scientists who will be interviewing, we will send detailed instructions.

In the meantime please confirm, both as applicants and employers, that you are still in a position to start the programme/support the training from September.

1st April - application extenstion

During this time we understand the added pressures NHS clinicians are currently under due to COVID-19.  In view of this, we have extended the closing date for HSST applications to 22nd April 2020.