Latest information as of 18th March 2020 at 4pm 

Pausing STP Curriculum Review

We have taken the decision to pause STP Curriculum Review.

We haven’t taken this decision lightly. We feel that this is the correct and responsible decision to make in these exceptional circumstances given the impact of the Covid-19 virus outbreak on the NHS.

We are aware that many of you are experiencing increased demand on your time in response to the pandemic. We want to support you to carry out your essential duties at this extraordinary time. We need to ensure that all of you who are needed to support the response to Covid-19 are available and we’re not asking you to make decisions about where to spend your time.

We have a number of meetings in the diary for the next few months. From March 25 until further notice we will be hosting these sessions as ‘drop in’ curriculum sessions for your specialty. We’ll be online from 10-12.30 and from 1.30-4 on the days of the planned meetings. Join us if you’re able and

  • if you want to talk about Curriculum Review
  • if you’ve been writing a module and want to check in about next steps
  • if you want to ask about the art of writing learning outcomes
  • if you want to talk about how the review process works when we are able to continue, or actually
  • if you’re just stuck at home and want to have a chat.

In the coming days we’ll start to replace the meeting invites with invites to online sessions. Your Teams space will continue to be available to you should you wish to use it to capture thoughts which may be helpful when we do restart the process. We’re available if you do have some capacity for curriculum review and appreciate that many of you may not at this time.

Expenses incurred prior to this notification will be reimbursed within normal policy. Please email your expenses claims to NSHCS.Curriculum@HEE.NHS.UK as we will not be in the office to receive post.

We’ll keep a watchful eye on the developing situation and keep in touch with the Lead Editors for a picture of each of your specialties. At present we cannot anticipate when we will restart the process. We will be in touch when we know more. In the meantime, please refer to the School website which we will keep updated on all elements of the work of the School which have been affected.

FAQs for curriculum review panel members

What will happen to my expenses if the meeting is cancelled or held virtually?

If a Curriculum Review meeting does not go ahead or is held virtually, expenses incurred prior to notification of rearrangement of the meeting will be reimbursed within normal policy.

What will this mean for the anticipated delivery date for new curricula?

We don’t have an answer at this time. We can’t anticipate when we will be able to restart the STP Curriculum Review process or when the new curricula will be available for delivery. We’ll keep a watchful eye on the developing situation and keep in touch with the Lead Editors for a picture of each of specialty.