Last Updated: 18th December 2019

AI for healthcare: equipping the workforce for digital transformation

Join the conversation on embedding AI in healthcare practice with the University of Manchester and Health Education England’s course on how technology is changing healthcare.

Learn about how AI is transforming healthcare in a variety of beneficial ways, from streamlining workflow processes to making more precise patient diagnoses. However, this is not without its challenges.

This free online course from The University of Manchester and Health Education England aims to explore the benefits and challenges of AI in Healthcare covering a number of different areas such as radiology and pathology. The course contains current and real-world case studies from partners such as The Christie.

Topics you will cover:

  • Week 1: Motivating AI in Healthcare
  • Week 2: What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • Week 3: Data in Healthcare
  • Week 4: Making it Work
  • Week 5: Supporting and Skilling the Workforce

Launch date: 10th February 2020

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Twitter: #FLTransformAIHealthcare