Genomic Counselling, Genomics,  Bioinformatic and Cancer Genomics STP Open Day – Online event with West Midlands Regional Genetics Laboratory

The West Midlands Regional Genetics Laboratory and Clinical Genetics department are holding a joint STP open day for Genomic Counselling, Genomics,  Bioinformatic Genomics and Cancer Genomics on Thursday 7th January 2021 from 9:00am – 15:40pm.

This will be a virtual event divided into five sections. The first morning section will feature an overview of the program and selection process where training officers will answer questions about the program and applications. The other 4, are opportunities to talk to STPs in each specialism and get an overview of the STPs experiences in our scientific team.

We are collecting questions for the Q&A in advance. Click here to submit your questions.

Registration is essential, so we can send the link to the presentations. Click here to register.

Click here for more information about this event.

Last updated on 15th December 2020

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