Last Updated: 25th September 2019

HSST Induction Day

The School will be delivering its HSST Trainee Induction and Network Day. The event is intended for all new HSST trainees starting in October 2019 and all workplace supervisors who will have the responsibility for a new HSST trainee. A copy of the agenda is available here.

This day will enable you to:

  • Gain an overview of the HSST programme.
  • Understand the training responsibilities for the workplace supervisor and employers.
  • Understand the e-Portfolio to facilitate training and evidence achievement.
  • Learn about the annual review of progression and programme completion.
  • Know how to support your trainee’s health and well-being throughout the programme.

There will also be an opportunity to participate in theme-based workshops to develop:

  • The Training Plan – what your focus should be in your first few months in training.
  • Workplace based activities – what evidence is appropriate; how much evidence is enough?
  • Discussions with existing HSST trainees about their experiences.

The day will also give you the chance to network with colleagues from your own and other specialisms giving you a chance to exchange ideas and share good practice.

Please note there is a HSST ‘Train the Trainer’ event on 9th October 2019 for workplace supervisors only, this event will contain overlapping content so there is no need for workplace supervisors to attend both events. If you are new to the role of workplace supervisor and will be taking responsibility for a new HSST trainee, it would be very beneficial for you to come to the HSST Trainee Induction and Network day. If you are a workplace supervisor who has a trainee already but would like some training to improve your knowledge and skills as a trainer, the HSST ‘Train the Trainer’ would be more suitable for you.

Please contact the School on if you would like to attend this training event.