Last Updated: 13th December 2019

IPEM Trainee Induction and Specialism Day 2020

The Induction Day is aimed specifically at trainees in medical physics and engineering and will include sessions for new trainees as well as trainees in the final stages of their training. The day will be relevant to trainees from all different training schemes including STP, Route 2 and Equivalence. There will also be opportunities to network with other trainees and get involved with the IPEM outreach programme. It offers new trainees a chance to meet face to face with those who are involved in the organisation of your training.

New trainees will receive information on assessment, examples of elective placements and advice from current and former trainees. Specialist trainees will also receive information on their assessments and what you can expect as you come to the end of your training.

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If you have any queries please email the IPEM conference team or telephone 01904 550598.