Last Updated: 19th March 2020

POSTPONED – Magnetic Resonance Safety Expert course

This course provides a comprehensive, up-to-date, overview of the engineering, scientific and administrative aspects of MR safety. The course will cover the physics of MR safety, biological effects, device and foreign body interactions, site planning, MR safety management and non-electromagnetic hazards. The subject matter will, where appropriate, be approached using a scientific and mathematical framework. The intended audience is individuals acting as, or training to be, Magnetic Resonance Safety Experts (MRSEs) and a good background knowledge of MRI physics is assumed. With respect to existing and future MRSE credentialing / certification schemes, attendees should note that attendance on the course will not in itself be sufficient evidence of meeting knowledge requirements and further self-directed learning is expected to satisfy formal assessments. In addition, any existing or future MRSE credentialing or certification scheme will have their own specific independently published criteria for successful completion which may require both formal knowledge assessment and evidence of experience.

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The registration deadline is Tuesday 10th March 2020.