Medical Physics STP 2023 Open Day – University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust

By the end of the event attendees will hopefully have received all the answers to questions such as:

  • what to expect for the STP in medical physics
  • what is different in the new curriculum which was introduced in 2022
  • what are the specialisms that an applicant can apply for
  • what to expect from the integrated MSc Programme
  • what are the day-to-day job responsibilities of medical physicists in hospitals and more

Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions only a limited number of people can attend the in-person event and visit the different groups within UHBW Medical Physics Department however, the open day will be streamed online with access to anyone who is interested. To request a place on the group visits email christian.sheer@uhbw.nhs.uk or olga.toumanidou@uhbw.nhs.uk

Click this link to book a place on the virtual event.

Last updated on 16th November 2022

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