Pharmaceutical Science STP 2023 Open Day – Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

This open day features staff from both Aseptic Pharmacy and Radiopharmacy, as both departments fall under the Clinical Pharmaceutical Science specialism and the student will experience rotations across both departments.


  • Jessica Taylor, Education and Training Lead for Aseptic Pharmacy
  • Jason Condron, Operational Manager in Aseptic Pharmacy
  • Shakeel Herwitker, Head of Manufacturing Services
  • Megan Longworth, Lead Scientist for Radiopharmacy
  • Ben Usher, current STP student in Radiopharmacy
  • TBC – Lead QA Pharmacist Radiopharmacy

Please email jessica.taylor3@liverpoolft.nhs.uk with your name and email address if you wish to attend.

Last updated on 1st December 2022

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