Last Updated: 13th December 2019

STP Computing course

This course provides attendees with a comprehensive overview of computing in healthcare and hands on experience of practical skills that they can transfer to their own sections and departments (not just as a box-ticking exercise to complete STP competencies). This course is open to anyone working in Medical Physics or other healthcare field that would like to learn about real life applications of scientific computing in modern Medical Physics and healthcare. By attending this course the attendee will be well equiped to complete all IT-related competencies, case-based discussions (CBD) and direct observations of practical skills (DOPS) for the Medical Physics Scientist Training Program. Relevant DOPS and CBDs will be carried out during the course.

The course is run by the Scientific Computing team at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, which specialises in the development of technology and scientific research for both Medical Physics and other clinical applications. The team has hands on experience with both the Medical Physics and Bioinformatics STP training schemes. We run a specialist training course that aims to deliver high quality, practical training for medical physics professionals.

The cost of the course is £500 per head. Lunch, refreshments and snacks are provided, as well as Wi-Fi access, course materials and software licensing. For information about the course content please visit the syllabus page. If you wish to attend the course please register here or contact us via the e-mail address:

Places will be confirmed by the end of March 2020.