Work-based training


Training planning

The training plan is a vital part of the programme and it is a way of helping the trainee to understand and work through what is to be achieved. But what does good training planning look like?

We have gathered together some guidance and examples on how to put together a good training plan that will help your trainee to a successful completion of the programme.

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Specialism training

Last December (2020) we held several virtual meetings with trainees and training officers based on specialisms to learn more about what competencies are more difficult to complete due to restrictions and what resources others have been using that might be helpful.

Following these meetings, we’ve worked with healthcare scientists to gather some online resources to help support your training. Take a look at what’s available for your specialism.

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For many trainees, rotations were a particular challenge during COVID-19 and we advised that trainees and training officers should be flexible in both the timing and duration of these, providing the trainee could still meet the learning outcomes.