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Guidance on DOPS, CbDs and OCEs for Medical Physics trainees

Last Updated: 17th September 2020

The STP Medical Physics guidance notes listed below were produced by members of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM) Special Interest Groups and supported by the School. Full details of contributors to the guidance notes is available on the IPEM website.

The guidance notes contain suggestions of activities which fulfil the requirements of the competences, DOPS, CbDs and OCEs for Medical Physics. Links between the competences, DOPS, CbDs and OCEs have been identified and there are suggestions of single pieces of work that would fulfil multiple requirements.

The purpose of the work-based assessment tools are:

  • Direct Observation of Practical Skills (DOPS): To assess a practical skill or procedure which may include interaction with a patient. Feedback is generated, learning needs identified and an action plan generated.
  • Case based Discussion (CbD): To assess the trainee’s ability to apply their knowledge and understanding of an aspect of an activity e.g. the underpinning science, aspects of professional practice.
  • Observed Clinical Event (OCE): To assess a clinical encounter.