Last Updated: 8th August 2019

Good training planning

What does good training planning look like?

The training plan is a way of helping the trainee to understand and to work through what is to be achieved over the 3 years of the STP programme to become a successful, registered clinical scientist. But what does good training planning look like? 

Initial training plan

At the outset, the training officer should take responsibility for the training plan and ensure an outline of the training plan is in place before the trainee arrives. It is recommended as good practice that the trainee increasingly takes ownership of the training plan as they progress through the programme. 

There is some basic information that should be included the initial, outline version of a trainee’s plan, such as: 

  • high-level overview of the requirements of the whole programme (e.g. detailing when certain rotations and workplace modules will be undertaken) 
  • Details of what the trainee will be doing for the immediate period ahead 
  • Any workplace mandatory training and workplace induction activity 
  • The mandatory STP induction event held by the National School 
  • The trainee’s academic schedule and exam timetable 
  • Key assessment dates: e.g. mock OSFA, live OSFA and Mid-term review of progression (MRP). 
  • The diary availability of the training officer including holiday commitments 
  • Time for the trainee’s planned elective and annual leave