Guidance for accreditation visits

Last Updated: 17th September 2020

We conduct accreditation visits as part of our quality assurance process for departments hosting STP or HSST trainees.

The panel

The visiting panel normally consists of: 

  • A clinical expert in the specialty concerned, usually a senior scientist with a thorough knowledge of the programme
  • A lay representative, who provides a patient-focused perspective
  • A member of staff from the NSHCS, who is responsible for organising the visit, agenda, conduct of the visit and writing the report post visit

Others may attend as observers. They might include: 

  • A representative from the local Health Education England Quality team
  • A commissioner from Health Education England (responsible for agreeing commissioned placements for healthcare science trainees)
  • A representative of the Academy for Healthcare Science
  • A representative from UKAS

We will notify you if there are any observers attending. The panel will seek assurances on a range of areas. The essential issues are specified in the agenda. However, unforeseen questions will sometimes arise and the panel may pursue anything relevant that comes up in discussion.