Guidance for STP 2021 applicants on allocations and interviews

Last Updated: 30th March 2021

Information for STP applicants about how we shortlist and allocate employers.

How will I be selected for interview?

Applicants will be selected for interview based on their:

  • Shortlisting
  • Preference for location/employer

From the ranked list, the highest-ranked applicants will be allocated to a training provider/employer.

Applicants who have not ranked high enough to receive an allocation, but have met the requirements, may be added to a standby list.  These applicants may be interviewed if their preferred post remains unfilled following initial allocations.

What if I have a reasonable adjustments request?

In accordance with the Equality and Diversity Act 2010, if you need any reasonable adjustments that relate specifically to an online interview, please email us at immediately.

Full guidance is available in the Disability Confidence and Special Circumstances policy.

Choosing your sub preferences (locations/employers)

All applicants will be asked through Oriel to select your ‘sub preferences’ i.e. your choice of employers and locations, based on the published list of posts available. The example below highlights the location in Oriel where you must go to update your sub-preferences.

Once you have selected your choice(s) by sliding them to the wanted column of the sub-prefence page, press save. You can come back and edit this section of the application up until the sub-preference deadline.

We will assume that you will accept, if offered, a post with any of the employers you have selected in your sub preferences.

How will I be notified of an allocation?

Once shortlisted applicants have been allocated to posts, notification will be released via Oriel.

If you have been allocated a post, you will see the employer and location details. You will then have 48 hours to accept or reject the allocation.

You will receive only one allocation. If this expires or you reject it, you will not be allocated another post. This will be the end of your application for this year. You will not have the option to hold an allocation while you wait for a preferred one; only one post will be available to you.

If you accept the allocation, please wait for the employer to contact you to arrange a date and time for your interview.

How will the interview be conducted?

The interview with your allocated employer, will be held online via meeting software such as Microsoft Teams or Skype.

The interview panel will consist of two panel members and possibly an observer. The panel members will be qualified and experienced scientists working in the department where you will be based. Observers will be members of School staff, auditing the interview to ensure standards are met and guidance is followed.

All interviews are designed to be fair, equitable and transparent and all processes will be applied consistently.

Technology requirements for the interview

For your interview, you will need access to a computer, tablet or smartphone that has the camera and microphone enabled, together with a stable internet connection.

When the employer has notified us of the time and date of your interview, we will send you an online invitation. This will be sent from

Please join the interview promptly at your pre-arranged time, using the invitation in the email from . However, if possible, we recommend that you join just before the interview is due to start, to ensure your camera and microphone are working correctly.