Guidance for work-based providers and accreditation

Last Updated: 27th January 2021

Information and resources for work-based providers.

Becoming an accredited work-based provider

To determine whether your department will be approved to train healthcare science trainees on the STP or HSST programme, please complete the relevant accreditation submission form; this must be signed by your Head of Department and returned to the Accreditation team at

Graphic about reminders for work based providers

Graphic about reminders for work based providers

Changes to an accredited work-based provider

If there has been any significant change since your department was first accredited, that could affect the quality of training provided, please complete a notification form and return it to the Accreditation team –

Your information will be reviewed, and we will contact you if any further action is required.

Training Officer role requirements

From our accreditation visits we have identified that departments feel the need for more assurance around the role of the Training Officer. To help you with this, we have developed a set of criteria for the Training Officer role which is set out in the person specification.

For all departments applying for accreditation for the first time, we ask for evidence that the Training Officer meets these criteria. The form for submitting evidence is part of the application for accreditation and we have developed guidance on completing the application form.

Train the Trainer

If you are a new workplace trainer, you should attend one of our ‘Train the Trainer’ events. During the event we aim to give you an overview of our training programmes and the assessment strategy and tools that are used. We will also explain what your role and responsibilities are as a training officer. Guidance will be given on how to ensure you have a successful trainee and you will also gain knowledge of the e-portfolio, multi-source feedback and electives.

The training day also gives you the opportunity to meet other training officers and members of the School team. Planned dates are featured in our events section and you can also view copies of presentations from our previous training events.

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E-learning resource for Educators and Supervisors

The Educator Hub is a new web-based e-learning resource produced by Health Education England. The resource is aimed at educators and supervisors of health professionals, including healthcare scientists and brings together video based modules from HEE Kent, Surrey and Sussex with academic modules from the London Faculty Development Site.