Last Updated: 2nd August 2019

How can I get my previous experience recognised and apply for registration with HCPC as a clinical scientist?

If you are applying for a HSST post and are not already registered with the HCPC as a clinical scientist you must apply for a Certificate of Equivalence through the AHCS. The AHCS provides assessment of the equivalence of people’s existing qualifications and experience against the outcomes of the Modernising Scientific Careers programmes. The Certificate of Equivalence confers eligibility to apply for appropriate registration e.g. statutory registration with HCPC as a Clinical Scientist. Further details of the application process can be found on the AHCS website. Applicants for HSST who are not registered as a clinical scientist with HCPC are advised to start the process of seeking equivalence at the same time they apply for the programme in order to offer sufficient time to complete all equivalence activities prior to commencement of the programme.