Last Updated: 30th August 2019

How to register with Clarity

  • Access Clarity by clicking on the link to the Clarity MSF service on your OneFile Portfolio Dashboard. Alternatively, navigate to
Screenshot showing the OneFile portfolio dashboard

Fig. OneFile portfolio dashboard screen

  • Click the “Register account” button and enter the required details.
  • Your surname must match the surname as we supplied it in our email to you. (This is the surname we have on file for you.) Otherwise this will delay your MSF account being created.
  • The password you select must be a combination of letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Once your details have been submitted you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Before you can create an MSF you must confirm your NSHCS details with Clarity using details provided by us in the personalised MSF email we will send you. If you did not receive your email please contact the Service Desk. When you are prompted for your NSHCS details in Clarity, please enter your Trainee ID and registration code exactly as supplied in our email to you, as the registration code is case sensitive. If these details are entered incorrectly, this will delay your MSF account being created. Your trainee ID is your NSHCS registration ID, please do not enter your OneFile ID into Clarity.