Part of HSST trainee induction 2020 – Webinar 1 – Training responsibilities and training planning

My responsibilities as a HSST trainee

Last Updated: 23rd September 2020

Find out about your responsibilities as a HSST trainee.

As a trainee you should:

  • Meet with your workplace supervisor regularly to plan and discuss progress and to develop your skills. Communication and collaboration are key to the HSST programme.
  • Review your training plan regularly. Regular updates to training plans should be recorded on OneFile.
  • Participate in the annual review of progression.
  • Host and attend regional HSST moderation assessment days. These are trust-led or regional events organised by HSST trainees using the Trainee Networks. These support trainees and supervisors to share best practice and understand the right level of evidence.
  • Identify a research project early in the programme, including who will supervise.

The types of duties that you can expect to undertake within the workplace are:

  • Providing routine clinical and/or diagnostic services
  • Interpreting test results, reporting and authorising of results
  • Researching, developing and validating new methods of diagnosis
  • Line management and supervision of other team members
  • Providing advice that improves patient care and outcome
  • Advising on the purchase and use of commercial products/equipment
  • Regional and national involvement in the profession via Professional Bodies and NSHCS