Part of HSST trainee induction 2020 – Webinar 2 – Your health and wellbeing

What kind of support is available to me from the National School?

Last Updated: 1st October 2020

Remember that the School is here to support you while you are on the programme.

The School offers a confidential advice and signposting service for you and your workplace supervisor where there are issues impacting on your health and wellbeing.

We can provide a confidential discussion service on a 1-2-1 basis with you, or with your workplace supervisor. This can be ongoing with follow up and support until the issue is resolved or until you complete your training.

We can co-ordinate between providers such as your employer and your University or other networks such as your local quality lead where this is relevant and appropriate.

The School is here to support you to be successful in your training and to be healthy during your time on the programme. If you experience issues that are impacting on your ability to progress in your training, the School provides the infrastructure to facilitate changes to the programme where appropriate.

We appreciate very much that issues can be hugely variable and often complex so there are a range of options available including:

  • Extensions
  • Deferrals due to ill health
  • Interruptions or step off due to service provision issues
  • Career breaks
  • Transfers of training to alternative training providers (by exception only)

Please listen to this HSST Training Support podcast where you can hear a conversation with Dr Lisa Ayers, our HSST Training Programme Director, talking about the support that is available to you and how you can access this support.