Last Updated: 22nd August 2019

I have reached 100% in a module but my training officer is unable to sign it off. What do I need to do?

It is likely you did not submit the required number of workplace-based assessments. Please note you must create separate submissions for DOPS, OCEs and CBDs in order for them to fully count towards module completion. For example, a module requires 3 Case-Based Discussions and 3 DOPS and/or OCEs. To fully complete the module and have it signed off by your training officer, you must make six separate submissions – 3 individual CBD submissions and 3 individual combination of DOPS and OCEs. Please note you should not select a CBD, DOPS, or OCE in your submission criteria when submitting a competency (although you can do the opposite) as the CBD, DOPS or OCE will not ultimately count towards your completion and you will be asked to resubmit the assessment separately.

Similarly, you must attach your MSF report to an MSF submission.