IAPS Guidance for HSST trainees

Last Updated: 17th September 2020

IAPS Regulations and policies

The IAPS operate under the IAPS regulations, which set out the parameters of the assessment, and the IAPS policies which are outlined below.

You must comply with the terms of the IAPS policies. Any digressions may put your entry to the IAPS or outcome from your IAPS at risk. Please make sure you review the IAPS Regulations and Policies. If there is anything you are unsure of, please email the School before booking your IAPS event.

IAPS reasonable adjustments policy

The NSHCS is a responsible institution and keen to ensure that trainees are afforded equitable access to their assessment. Trainees can indicate, in their exit application, if they wish to request accommodation of reasonable adjustments for their assessment due to registered learning difficulties or disabilities.

IAPS mitigating circumstances policy

This policy acknowledges that circumstances can arise near the time of the trainee’s assessment that may impact on their ability to provide their best performance but which do not necessitate deferment.

IAPS exceptional arrangements policy

Having declared their intention to sit their IAPS, trainees may have need to either defer or have exceptional arrangements to be accommodated that are not covered under reasonable adjustment policy.

IAPS complaints and appeals policy

This policy provides a mechanism by which trainees may submit a complaint about an irregularity in the assessment process which impacted on their assessment on the day or appeal the outcome of their assessment due to an irregularity in the decision-making process of the examination board.

IAPS Examination Board Terms of Reference

This sets out the membership requirements and the terms under which examination board panels must operate.

IAPS conduct policy

The IAPS is a high stakes, high level professional assessment. This policy ensures that the assessment is facilitated in a professional manner by the NSHCS and is conducted in a professional manner by both the trainee and the examination panel.

IAPS late arrival policy

This policy provides the requirement for the IAPS to be conducted as timetabled and sets out the terms on which late arrivals are dealt with.

IAPS dress code policy

Trainees, examiners and administrative staff must realise that the IAPS is a professional assessment and must dress accordingly.