Guidance on the Independent Assessment of Professionals Skills for HSST trainees

Last Updated: 26th March 2021

This guidance provides details on the different elements of the HSST final assessment.

Timing of the IAPS

The IAPS will be offered twice a year in May and December. The number of days will vary for each event, as it depends on the number of exit applications received. You will be informed of a provisional date and time of your IAPS on receipt of your exit application. This will be confirmed when your showcase evidence has been approved by the Lead Examiner.

Your IAPS will proceed as follows:

Activity Timing
Arrival, registration and briefing 30 minutes
PD Element 1 – specialist paper review and preparation 60 minutes
PD Element 1 – specialist paper professional discussion 30 minutes
Break (water will be available in the break room) 15 minutes
PD Element 2 – HSS Standards of Proficiency Professional Discussion 60 minutes