Last Updated: 1st August 2019

Is there any guidance about conducting an appraisal for trainees on the STP?

Annual appraisals should be conducted in line with Trust appraisal and performance review processes, as part of the trainee’s terms and conditions of employment. Appraisal paperwork will differ from Trust to Trust so it is important to speak to your HR department for further information. Any criteria used to assess a trainee’s performance should be as outlined locally but the training officer and trainee can use evidence from the training programme and the professional practice competencies in particular to support this process. It is very good practice to implement appraisal processes separate to the curriculum to ensure trainees are able to perform and develop appropriately as NHS employees as well as trainee healthcare scientists. The training programme does require that trainees complete a multisource feedback (MSF) assessment at two points in their training – normally around 18 months for the first one and then a second just before they complete. This will support any appraisals undertaken as is principally a tool to provide data for reflection on performance and gives useful feedback for self-evaluation.