OneFile FAQs for managing submissions

OneFile says ‘Access denied’ when my assessor attempts to view my submission

This happens when you use the assessor nomination feature to send multiple submissions to the same assessor.  When the assessor signs off the first submission, they become unlinked from your profile.  It is a known issue that we’re working with OneFile to fix.  In the meantime, please ask your training officer to unlock your submission back to you and re-send it to your assessor.

My submission has been signed off by my assessor, but my competency/ assessment is still showing as ‘Red’ in my portfolio.

It is most likely that your assessor did not correctly sign off your submission. In most cases this means the tick-box(es) at the top of your submission, where you indicate the competency/assessment relating to this submission, was left unticked by the assessor. Please ask your training officer to unlock your submission, so that it can be re-assessed with the correct boxes ticked. We would also recommend that you forward these guidance materials to your assessor:

How do I delete a submission?

If you have not yet submitted your work to be signed off, you can delete your draft using the red delete button at the bottom of the submission. If you have already submitted your work, please ask your training officer to unlock your submission back to you. You can then delete the draft as above. If the submission has already been signed off or you have been asked to resubmit your work, you will be unable to delete the submission.

How should I add evidence for two Case-Based Discussions, when there is only one area to add evidence on the submission?

OneFile does not presently offer two separate sections to add evidence of two cases for discussion. Please note trainees should add all evidence for both cases either in the freetext area of the submission, or in the file upload area, clearly indicating which evidence is “Case A” and which evidence is “Case B”. Assessors should indicate in their feedback which case was selected for discussion. Further guidance is available here.

Where are the sliding scales for DOPS, OCEs and CBDs?

OneFile does not currently support the sliding scale domains for assessors. Please attach a blank assessment proforma to your DOPS, OCEs and CBDs when submitting them for sign-off. These can be found in the Resources section of your account (on the blue menu on the left). Your assessor should attach a completed copy when they sign off.