Last Updated: 9th August 2019

Portfolio of evidence

A portfolio of evidence is a collection of documents that a trainee is required to compile to show competence against a set of learning outcomes and to an appropriate standard.

Trainees need to demonstrate, through the presentation of evidence, that they can meet the requirements of the HSST programme and do so by organising evidence within an e-portfolio. The portfolio facilitates the trainee, with support from their Workplace Supervisor, to collect evidence systematically.

Whilst the e-portfolio will take effort and time to complete, it is also a means of demonstrating the trainee’s particular strengths and achievements to others.

The portfolio should be developed along with the trainee’s achievements and take on a dynamic role as:

  • a record of achievements to date
  • a proof of competence and knowledge
  • a resource bank of abilities
  • a reference tool for appraisal
  • a basis for career development
  • a record of continuing professional development

In relation to the relevant specialist curriculum and standards of proficiency it provides:

  • a clear demonstration of competence and knowledge against learning outcomes and standards of proficiency
  • a focus for assessment
  • a means to bring together evidence for more than one learning outcome or standard of proficiency
  • a focus for the identification of training/learning needs

The e-portfolio helps a trainee as they work towards certification as a Higher Specialist Scientist and also provides a useful reference tool for their future career.

The e-portfolio will contain:

  • the training plans agreed with the Workplace Supervisor identifying progression through the programme
  • the written evidence developed that maps to the programme requirements
  • the uploaded attachments
  • the feedback on evidence