Last Updated: 8th August 2019

Reviewing the progress of a training plan

Reviewing plans and providing feedback on progress are critical to the training and the planning process.

The best feedback is individualised, supportive and corrective. Supportive feedback is describing to the trainee exactly what was performed correctly and specifying what was not performed correctly. Corrective feedback also involves providing instructions on how to perform tasks correctly in order to facilitate proficiency in future performance.

It is advisable that trainers should:

  • Review progress in an honest and open way.
  • Resolve issues once identified in a collaborative way with the trainee.
  • Agree SMART targets and goals jointly with the trainee. Gaps in learning should be targeted and the trainer should offer advice and next steps to achieve specific targets.
  • Get to know the trainee’s ability. Can they be pushed? When should the training officer push the trainee? If the trainer has got to know the trainee, he or she should recognise when a trainee needs more direction.
  • Differentiate learning between trainees as no two trainees will have the same learning needs; recognise that they will have different levels of skill and experience.
  • Identify professional exams and courses that would work well and synergistically with the trainee’s training needs.
  • Ensure feedback encompasses identification of good performance, closing the gap between current and desired performance.