Last Updated: 20th August 2019

What are the responsibilities of Employers with HSST Trainees?

The responsibilities of the employer in supporting a HSST trainee aligns closely with that published by the GMC in its standards for medical education and training of postgraduate doctors in specialty training. The employer must ensure the HSST trainee has a balance between providing services and providing access to educational and training opportunities. Service work undertaken should support learning opportunities, education and training opportunities, and should not be compromised by the demands of regularly carrying out routine tasks or out-of-hours cover that do not support learning and have little educational or training value.

HSST trainees are mentored or supervised by someone of consultant or equivalent standing within the employing department and with the support of others across the department and within the wider organisation. It is helpful if the supervisor or mentor has experience of trainee supervision either of medical or clinical scientist postgraduate trainees and is conversant with guidance such as that from the GMC on the roles and responsibilities of supervisors and their obligations to support training excellence. We provide HSST Train the Trainer events for those undertaking HSST supervision.