Last Updated: 6th April 2020

What arrangements are there for extended leave from the HSST programme?

Statutory leave

In the specific case of statutory maternity leave NHS employees are entitled to up to 52 weeks of leave. Employing Trusts will have their own specific policies however in general these are governed by the standard NHS terms and conditions as described by NHS Employers. The School will adjust the deadlines for completion of workplace-based assessments to take account of this proportionately.

HSST trainees planning to take any extended leave, including maternity leave, or part-time working are required to contact the School as soon as possible to discuss and agree an appropriate timeline for completion of the programme. Furthermore, any planned leave from the programme, including maternity leave, will require a reviewed training plan, written by the trainer with the trainee and submitted to the NSHCS/HEE local office to be signed off with agreed timelines to ensure any mitigation of risks are identified.

In summary all such arrangements require that trainees:

  • Seek agreement with their employer and HEE local office
  • Need to be aware of and follow local Trust policies and procedures
  • Contact the local HEE office to make arrangements for any changes (deferment) to the training allowance payments
  • Agree with MAHSE a timeline for in the of completion of the academic components of the programme

Please note that similar guidelines would be enacted for other forms of statutory leave including paternity leave.