Young people get a taste of healthcare science thanks to films by Birmingham and West Sandwell

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust have produced a series of healthcare science films which they are sending to local schools to help students with their career choices.

“We want to give young people as much information and help as we can so they can make an informed choice about their future”, said Jilly Croasdale, Associate Director Healthcare Science.

Jilly added: “Feedback from careers advisors has been positive with many saying the films feel ‘real’ and can be related to easily by students. The films do not have a corporate feel and the hope is that young people watching them will think ‘I could do this!’ We have only focused on a small number of disciplines offered by our own Trust, but hopefully it is enough to give a flavour.

“We try and link the films to an annual healthcare science taster day, which we run at the hospital to give school children the opportunity to come in and learn about healthcare science. They spend the morning rotating around stands (science speed dating!) then in the afternoon have the chance to visit departments and do something a little more interactive.”

Watch the films here