Graphic showing tips for employers thinking of getting an apprentice

Fig. 5 Tips on apprenticeships for employers

Further information on apprenticeships

The NHS Employers website has further information on what you need to know as an employer.

NHS Employers

You can find information on:

  • A beginner’s guide to apprenticeships
  • Getting the most from apprenticeships
  • Apprenticeship standards
  • Benefits of apprenticeships
  • Apprenticeship myths
  • Apprenticeship questions and answers

Degree apprenticeships guide

The NHS Employers guide ‘Degree apprenticeships: What employers need to know’ is aimed at employers in the NHS and outlines how higher-level apprenticeships can be used to support career pathways. The guide includes examples from within the NHS and other sectors, together with tips and things to consider when looking to offer higher level apprenticeshhips.

Degree apprenticeships: What employers need to know.pdf

Find an independent end-point assessment organisation

Employers looking for information to choose an assessment organisation for the Level 2 and/or Level 4 end-point assessments can access the Register of Apprentice Assessment Organisations.