ASP programme payment and costs

Last Updated: 12th March 2021

Payment and cost information for applicants of the Accredited Scientific Practice programme.

How to pay for an ASP programme

A purchase order number is required to complete the application form. The programme specification details show the programme costs and the supplier details are:

Health Education England, T73 Receivables F489, Shared Business Services,
Phoenix House, Topcliffe Lane, Wakefield, WF3 1WE

Queries about payment should be directed to and if not available with the application form a PO number should be provided as soon as possible.

Once an application has been submitted, if the trainee is unable to take up their place to undertake the ASP programme in September, the cost of the programme will be refunded, minus an administration fee. Notification that a trainee is unable to undertake the programme must be received by 1st September of the year the programme begins to qualify for a refund.

How can I find out the cost for an ASP programme?

For ASP Programmes at STP level, the number of final assessments required for the ASP Programme and therefore the overall cost of the work-based programme is determined by the number of credits.

The cost for the programme is in the Programme Specification which can be found under ASP available programmes.