How to develop an ASP programme

An ASP programme can be proposed by any employer providing Healthcare Science services. 


Submit an ASP proposal form

If an employer wishes to develop a new ASP programme they must complete and submit the ASP Proposal Form and email it to

Evidence is required to support the proposal. This will include:

  • the estimated number of ASP trainees
  • a brief needs analysis
  • agreement from at least one School accredited University to provide the academic component of the proposed ASP programme

Support for the ASP programme from the relevant Professional Body can also be provided.


Who will approve a new programme proposal?

All new ASP programme proposals are reviewed for viability. The content of the proposed ASP programme(s) will be also be reviewed for scientific coherence. Recommendations may be suggested by the School and will be discussed with the proposer. All new programmes are approved by the School.

Last updated on 7th October 2021