Information for employers on applying to the ASP programme

Last Updated: 17th March 2021

Any employer providing Healthcare Science services can sponsor an employee to undertake an ASP programme.

Submitting an ASP application

To submit an application for ASP, the employer must agree to the terms of the Learning and Data Sharing Agreement to demonstrate they have understood their responsibilities for the ASP programme. The trainee will complete the Learning and Data Sharing Agreement as part of the enrolment process at the beginning of the academic year. The Application form and Learning Agreement and must be sent to us by 31st May to begin the programme in September of the same calendar year.

Nominating a training officer

Employers are responsible for nominating a suitably qualified Training Officer for each trainee and for provision of essential resources and support to enable the trainee to successfully complete the programme. Training Officers must be practising at the appropriate level and specialty for the ASP programme. Training Officers will be asked to complete a form summarising their Education and Training qualifications following nomination. Nominated Training Officers may attend training we provide at an additional cost per training session.

Approving trainee qualifications

Employer sponsors are responsible for approving the trainee’s enrolment on the programme based on their existing qualifications and experience. We will not enforce or undertake independent checks of any qualifications, experience or pre-requisites suggested in ASP programme aim.

Employers may also wish to put a separate training agreement in place with the trainee and should be guided by their trust or institutions local training and development processes.

Delays to completion of the ASP programme

Where a trainee encounters circumstances which may delay completion of the ASP programme, the Training Officer or Employer Sponsor must contact in a timely manner. Please provide details of the anticipated period of delay and if this will impact OSFA attendance. Employers are responsible for support and management of Trainees through these circumstances.

Trainees exceeding the time period determined in the ASP programme specification will be subject to an additional charge for continued access to the programme and e-portfolio of £200 per year.