The employer is responsible for

  • supporting the trainee throughout the ASP process
  • appointing a suitably qualified training officer for each ASP trainee
  • agreeing a training plan with the trainee and monitoring progress against the training plan

The employer must arrange any external placements that are required, and ensure that the trainee has adequate protected time and resource to complete the programme in a timely manner.

The trainee is responsible for developing a training plan with their training officer, and completing the work required by the programme in a timely manner.

Proposing an ASP

An employer must complete and submit the ASP Proposal Form to

Evidence is required to support the proposal including the estimated number of ASP trainees, a brief needs analysis and agreement from at least one School accredited University to provide the academic component of the proposed ASP programme.  Support for the ASP programme from the relevant Professional Body can also be provided.