What are the entry requirements for the ASP programme?

Here are some details about what is needed to apply to the Accredited Scientific Practice programme.


To apply to the ASP programme you must have sponsorship from your healthcare science services employer. Employer sponsors are responsible for approving a trainee’s enrolment on the programme based on their existing qualifications and experience. We will not enforce or undertake independent checks of any qualifications, experience or pre-requisites suggested in an ASP programme aim. Employer sponsors may wish to have a separate training agreement in place with a trainee and should be guided by their Trust or institutions local training and development processes.

Your employer is responsible for supporting you throughout the ASP process. This includes:

  • funding the programme
  • appointing a suitably qualified training officer
  • working with you to create a training plan
  • monitoring progress against the training plan

Your employer must arrange any external placements that are required and ensure that you have adequate protected time to complete the programme in a timely manner.

Once you become a trainee you are responsible for developing a training plan with your training officer and completing the work required by the programme in a timely manner.

Last updated on 3rd August 2021