Guidance for employers on submitting an ASP proposal form

Check you have provided all the correct details before submitting your ASP proposal form.

Section Information required
ASP proposer details You must supply us with your details and those of others involved in the proposal.
Why is an ASP required? Please provide a brief description of the service issue that is being addressed, benefits an ASP would bring to the workforce and patients, and a brief gap analysis of training already available if any.
What is the workforce need and estimated numbers of trainees? Tell us about the workforce need that this ASP will meet and how many trainees you anticipate will take the course in the first few years. Are you proposing an ASP to meet a need in your workplace? Will the ASP be applicable to multiple workplaces and/or is there a national need for training in this area? We will consider all proposals where appropriate justification is given.
National School of Healthcare Science (NSHCS) accredited HEI providing academic teaching We need to know a NSHCS accredited University has agreed to provide access to the academic teaching.
Evidence of HEI support Please provide evidence from the University they have agreed to deliver the content in the form of a headed letter or email.
HEI contact details Details for your contact at the University.
University details Details of the University provider.
ASP professional body support If a professional body is involved in your proposal, please include details in this section.
Working title Please provide a working title for your ASP programme.
Programme aim Summarises the purpose and goal of the programme, the anticipated audience, and any relevant professional body support. The information will allow other employers to determine if the ASP programme meets their workforce need.
ASP level Tell us at what training level you wish the programme to be.
ASP length How long will the ASP Programme be, 1 or 2 years. We recommend no more than 60 credits are completed in one year and that ASP programmes are no more than 120 credits over two years.
ASP modules Which modules do you want to include in your ASP programme? You can’t have optional modules in your programme, but you can suggest multiple ASP Programmes with different modules included in each.

The number of modules included in an ASP is used to guide the cost of the workplace element of the programme.

You might also like to consider the award of a postgraduate qualification as part of your ASP, please speak to your University provider for more advice.


Last updated on 4th August 2021