Assessment on the ASP programme

Assessment information for trainees on the Accredited Scientific Practice programme.


What is work-based assessment?

We use the term work-based assessments to refer to the range of observational, face-to-face assessment experiences that you are required to engage in across most of your modules. During your time on the programme you must provide evidence of your workplace skills and experience. All evidence that is submitted for work-based learning assessment must be completed while you are on the programme, retrospective evidence cannot be considered.

To find out more about work-based assessment, click on the link below which will take you to the information provided to STP trainees.


OneFile - the online e-portfolio

All of your work-based evidence is submitted to OneFile, the online e-portfolio. The guidance and how-to videos will help you with many of the common tasks you will perform on OneFile.

Once you have registered on OneFile you must complete the Learning and Data Sharing Agreement. You will find links to these agreements below.

On conclusion of the ASP programme, your access to OneFile will be withdrawn. Before you finish on the programme we recommend you download any content recorded in the e-portfolio for future reference.

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