ASP programme costs (STP level)

Here are the costs and payment information for employers and applicants to the ASP programme.


How do I find out the cost of an ASP programme?

For ASP programmes at STP level, the overall cost of the programme is determined by the number of credits and final assessments required. A breakdown of these costs etc is available below. You can also find the cost for each of the programmes in the individual Programme Specification.

If fees or any other required information and/or documentation are outstanding at the start of the ASP programme, this may jeopardise enrolment.


Costs of the ASP programme

Credits Final assessment Cost for a 1 year ASP Programme (£) Cost for a 2 year ASP Programme
Year 1 Cost (£) Year 2 Cost (£)
10 4 870
15 4 870
20 4 870
30 4 870
40 4 870
50 5 1030
60 6 1200
70 7 760 760
80 8 840 840
90 9 925 925
100 10 1010 1010
110 11 1090 1090
120 12 1175 1175

How to pay for an ASP programme

A purchase order number is required to complete the application form. If the purchase order number is not available to add to the form this should be provided as soon as possible.

The supplier details are:

  • Health Education England, T73 Receivables F489, Shared Business Services, Phoenix House, Topcliffe Lane, Wakefield, WF3 1WE

Once an application has been submitted, if the trainee is unable to start the ASP programme in September the cost of the programme will be refunded, minus an administration fee. Notification that a trainee is unable to start the programme, must be received by the 1st September in the same year they were intending to start, to qualify for a refund.

Any queries about payment should be emailed to

Last updated on 3rd August 2021