ASP Professional Discussion assessment timeline


Registration and pre-assessment (15 minutes)

Registration (5 minutes)

You will be required to show your photo ID (passport or driving license photo card) and confirm that you will be carrying out the assessment yourself and not accessing any help in any way.

Receive trainee instructions (10 minutes)

You will receive all the pre-reading materials relating to your assessment Professional Discussion elements at this time in preparation for your pre-read within the 60 minutes assessment time. The lead assessor will direct you to the materials that relate to each upcoming PD element.

You must keep your video and microphone switched on throughout the assessment and facilitator will act as the invigilator during this time. You will not need to move, the assessors will join you in your virtual assessment room.


Assessment (60 minutes)

In the virtual assessment room, you will be joined by:

  • a maximum of three specialist assessors who will conduct the assessment – video and microphone enabled (If an assessor experiences technical problems they may need to disable their video to allow the assessment to continue. The section on ‘Unexpected interruptions or conditions’ also applies.)
  • your facilitator, who will maintain time and move the assessment on appropriately
  • a senior member of the School as observer to ensure that the assessment is followed as stated – video and microphone switched off

Your assessment will comprise of 4 x 10 minute structured discussions. There will be 4 x 5 minute breaks, one before each discussion element, to allow you to pre-read the trainee instructions and any materials for the upcoming discussion. You must read the trainee instructions, make notes and prepare within this 5 minute break.

Each 10 minute professional discussion element will be assessed by three assessors.


Post assessment (5 to 10 minutes)

At the end of the ASP PD assessment, you will receive a debrief with the facilitator who will ask if you wish to say anything about your experience that you wish to share with the School. You can give your feedback to the facilitator directly after the assessment and/or email your comments to the School within 2 days of the assessment. Please email any comments to After that you must log off.


Assessor panel discussion and outcome (30 minutes)

The assessors will consider their independent marking and come to a consensus outcome from your assessment.

The decision of the assessor panel will be a pass or fail and will be recorded on a Candidate Report, together with their feedback comments agreed between the assessors.