Standard required to pass the ASP Professional Discussion assessment


In order to pass the assessment, you must:

  • pass the introductory element (if included)
  • fail no more than one element within either the upper GI or lower GI groups

To achieve a pass you must satisfy the assessor panel of your competence in your clinical practice at the threshold level of a newly qualified ASP.

To award a provisional pass the Assessor Panel must have confidence that:

  • you are competent, such that after induction into a new workplace, you will be capable of conducting, interpreting and reporting on clinical tests, within the scope of your ASP training, with minimal supervision
  • you have capability by demonstrating appropriate behaviours with respect to patients, patient safety, colleagues and professional standards

The decision of the assessor panel will be a pass or fail and will be recorded on a Candidate Report, together with their feedback comments agreed between the assessors.