The assessor panel and during the assessment


ASP Professional Discussion assessor panels

The assessor panel will normally comprise of three specialist assessors, including one Lead Assessor who is responsible for:

  • the conduct of the Professional Discussion assessment, including ensuring that the assessment regulations are followed, and the assessment starts and ends as scheduled
  • communicating the overall provisional outcome and feedback to the Examination Board

During the ASP Professional Discussion assessment

Your ASP Professional Discussion final assessment will be conducted under examination conditions throughout as defined below. A summary of the timeline for your assessment is available.

Starting the assessment

At the start of your assessment the Lead Assessor will ensure that:

  • you have been briefed about the assessment regulations including the exam conditions
  • your identity is confirmed using a reliable form of photo identification (i.e., photo ID driving licence, workplace photo ID, photo ID for your professional body or passport)
  • the parts of you visible to the camera must present a professional dress code for the final assessment. If you are participating in the Professional Discussion from your workplace you may wear clothing issued by your employer for clinical work
  • you are alone and unaided for the assessment, in order to verify this, the Lead Assessor will ask you to use your camera to show your surroundings prior to the assessment. The Lead Assessor may ask you repeat this process during the assessment

You must follow any instructions the Lead Assessor gives you concerning your assessment.

Unexpected interruptions or conditions

If you or an assessor is unable to continue the Professional Discussion, or has technical difficulties, the Lead Assessor will record the time of the incident and liaise with members of the School to determine if the assessment can continue. In exceptional circumstances where a contingency assessor is not available we will seeking your permission to record the Professional Discussion to allow the assessment to continue and for a third assessor to contribute to your assessment and feedback. Where a recording is made it will be deleted when the assessor panel has agreed your provisional outcome and feedback.

Structure of the final assessment

The final assessment consists of four ten-minute Professional Discussion elements, separated by five-minute breaks to allow you to read any materials and instructions for the next PD element. You can make notes on any materials provided at the assessment and you may refer to your notes between and within Professional Discussion elements. Each Professional Discussion element will run for exactly 10 minutes.

The assessor panel will leave the online room at the end of the Professional Discussion. If you are taking two Professional Discussion assessments (e.g. Upper GI and Lower GI) then you will receive separate information and materials for each Professional Discussion assessment.

The Professional Discussion

Assessors will take a semi-structured approach to asking questions, initial questions may be followed by more detailed questions to explore your answers. Assessors may take turns to ask questions, or the Lead Assessor may ask all the questions. You may make your responses either to the Lead Assessor or the assessor asking you a question. The Assessor Panel may make notes on their questions and your answers to assist them to reach an overall outcome and generate feedback to you.

If you do not understand an assessor’s question you may ask for clarification or check your understanding. No additional time is available for you to seek clarification. You may not seek feedback on your responses to the panel’s questions within the assessment.

If the Assessor Panel has asked all the questions, they need to ask within a Professional Discussion element you will be asked if you want to add anything further. If you do not want to add anything further at that time the panel will sit in silence, the panel may make notes during this time. At any time before the end of the Professional Discussion element you may address any additional comments to support your assessment within that Professional Discussion element to the Lead Assessor.