ETP direct entry and in-service routes


There are two entry routes to the Echocardiography Training Programme – direct entry or in-service. Both follow the same recruitment process. Trainees from both routes need to be available from 2nd October 2023.

Direct entry

Direct entry applicants can apply directly for posts advertised by any employer.


The in-service route is only open to existing NHS staff working in a cardiac department, who meet the qualification requirements and have been nominated by their employer. The employer will need to evidence the candidates’ suitability for the programme. In-service trainees remain in full-time employment in their department for the duration of the training.

All trainees for the duration of the training will be supernumerary.  Salary support is provided by Health Education England (HEE).


Conditions for an in-service applicant

The in-service applicant:

  • Must be part of the planned workforce numbers required for training, and have occupied an existing NHS salaried post, within the same department as the training post, prior to training.
  • Will follow the whole programme and must be released from service duties, to undertake their education and training.
  • Have permission from their employer to undertake the required academic and work-based training requirements.
  • Have been selected by the employing department – the department must be satisfied that the applicant matches the person specification for the role and meets the entry requirements.

It is expected that all trainees will be trained in a department endorsed by the NSHCS as an ETP training provider. Click this link for guidance on endorsement as an ETP provider or email the Accreditation Team