FAQs about HSST shortlisting and interviews

Some frequently asked questions relating to the shortlisting and interview process for the HSST programme.



How will shortlisting be carried out for direct entry posts?

Shortlisting is carried out by a panel of appropriate professionals. Panel members shortlist against agreed criteria, based on the skills, knowledge and values required for HSST. Scores will be ranked with the applicants with the highest scores being invited to interview.

How many applicants will be shortlisted for each direct entry posts?

Approximately three time as many applicants for direct entry posts will be shortlisted and invited to interview, in addition to any applicants eligible for the Guaranteed Interview Scheme (GIS).

Who will inform direct entry applicants if they have been shortlisted?

The School will inform direct entry applicants of the outcome of their application via Oriel, the online application system. If you have been invited to interview we will provide you with the dates of the interviews for your specialism.



What is the Guaranteed Interview Scheme (GIS) and how do I apply through it?

The GIS is a commitment to guarantee an interview to anyone with a disability who meets the minimum criteria. If you wish to apply under the GIS please tick ‘yes’ on your online application in answer to the GIS question. You must then provide further information and appropriate evidence to the School by the published deadline. There is no obligation for a disabled applicant to apply under the GIS.

What can I expect at my interview?

The interviews take place on a circuit of three ‘stations’. Each station will last 20 minutes and you will be asked a series of questions designed to explore your knowledge and skills and to measure your suitability. You will have a two minute rest between each station and will move around the circuit until all three stations have been completed. You will be assigned into a ‘stream’ and may be positioned to start at any of the three stations in your stream.

Will I be reimbursed for travel costs if I get an interview?

No; the School does not reimburse travel costs.

If I cannot attend the interview on the date allocated, will I be offered an alternative?

It is unlikely that there will be any flexibility on the dates applicants are invited to attend the interview. The dates of the interviews for each specialism will be made available early on in the process.

How does the recruitment process differ between direct entry and in service applicants?

Both direct entry and in service applicants must apply online. For direct entry applicants the interview stage is competitive however, for in service applicants the interview stage is for benchmarking and appointment.

Last updated on 29th July 2021