Interview outcomes and allocations


Shortlisted direct entry applicants and all in-service applicants are invited to interview. Invites to interview will be sent to the email address provided on your application.

Interviews are conducted through an online video-conferencing platform. You do not have a choice of interview date, therefore when you apply make sure that you will be available on the advertised interview dates.

Interviewers will score your interview and send it to us for verification. You will not receive any outcome on the day and the application status on Oriel will not change until after all interview outcomes are processed.

Direct entry applications

If your application status is ‘offer made’, we will allocate you to a training centre based on the sub preferences chosen and your rank. Only one centre will be offered to you and once you accept that post, your acceptance is final.

We will then send your details to the training centre, and they will undertake their employment processes. Our role in the recruitment process will then be over. During the five years of training, you will be in the employment of the training centre; the NSHCS does not employ trainees.

In-service applications

If you score over the minimum threshold at interview, you will have a place on the programme. We will email you and your manager with the next steps.


Interview feedback

You can obtain your interview feedback, free of charge, by emailing  Please attach photographic ID to your request.

Feedback usually consists of interview station outcomes and any additional comments.