Funding guidance

To support your Higher Specialist Scientist Training, a training allowance will be provided for each of the 5 years of the HSST programme.


Available funding

This training allowance is in addition to tuition fees for the DClinSci academic programme and will apply to both “direct” posts and to “in-service” posts.

The training allowance is £13,000 per commissioned trainee per year, for each of the 5 years of training. The training allowance will be paid to the relevant training centre via the Health Education England (HEE) Local Office and may be monitored and/or audited via the Learning and Development Agreement (LDA), which is in place between HEE and each placement provider.

Funding for academic fees will be held centrally by Health Education England’s West Midlands Local Office (HEE WM), to commission the Doctoral Level Award from the commissioned education provider (Manchester Academy of Health Science Education – MAHSE).


Expected use of funding

The training allowance is provided on the understanding that it be used flexibly within the employing department to cover the costs of accessing the programme, or address the opportunity costs of training that would include as a minimum:

  • Expenses, including travel and accommodation costs associated with required HEI attendance as part of the DClinSci
  • Costs of taking Royal College of Pathology Examinations
  • Costs of any additional learning that may be needed out with the DClinSci including travel and accommodation
  • Research project costs
  • Costs of cover to enable release of the individual undertaking HSST

In agreeing to support an individual to undertake the HSST programme, the employing or host department is committed to releasing the individual to access the formal academic learning that underpins the programme and to support them with time to undertake the required workplace research and learning.

It is expected that an agreement would be reached between the employee/direct entry hosted HSST and their workplace on the level of support that will be available to them to complete their programme of study, prior to an individual commencing the programme. This agreement would be expected to recognise the changing requirements of the programme as it progresses.

Health Education England reserves the right to audit the use of the training allowance, in addition to any local LDA monitoring, to ensure that it is being used solely to support the education and development of the individual undertaking the HSST programme and has been of benefit to that individual.

Last updated on 8th February 2021