HSST trainee experiences

It is often reassuring and valuable to learn about what current and past trainees have experienced on the HSST programme.


This can help to put the multiple challenges of the HSST programme into perspective and to understand where the pressure points on the programme might be. Given how bespoke each individual HSST trainee’s experience is likely to be, it is useful to hear from other trainees about how they and their supervisors have practically translated the generic demands of the programme into their specific settings.


Trainee experiences in HSST Medical Physics

Watch the video below in which Gregory James, Clinical Scientist and Medical Physics HSST trainee, shares some of his experience of the HSST programme. In particular, Gregory describes:

  • how the HSST programme can help him to achieve his career goals
  • what makes the HSST programme unique
  • how HSST contributes to the maintenance and improvement of standards in his department
  • the benefits of networking with other HSST trainees


Trainee experiences in HSST Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics

Watch the video below in which Sean Carey, a HSST trainee in Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics, outlines the path his career has taken until he began the HSST programme and he honestly details the challenges he has encountered whilst on the programme.


Trainee experiences in Genomics

Watch the video below in which Dr George Burghel, Principal Clinical Scientist and Genomics HSST trainee outlines:

  • what the HSST programme is comprised of and what it offers to the trainee
  • how he has benefitted from networking with other trainees on the programme
  • how the programme has influenced the improvement of practices back in his home department
  • how he and his department have made the programme work

Last updated on 1st September 2021