Training responsibilities and training planning for HSST trainees

Discover what responsibilities you and your supervisor will have throughout the 5 year programme.


What are my employer's and supervisor’s responsibilities?

Employers should provide you with practical experiences to allow the achievement and maintenance of scientific, clinical and professional development. There should be opportunities and support for you to develop clinical, practical skills and professional capabilities. You should have the opportunity for inter-professional multidisciplinary working.

Ideally, workplace supervisors should have the time and resources for supervision responsibilities allocated to them in their job plan. The principal responsibility of your workplace supervisor is to enable and support you to acquire the training and development experiences that you will need in order that you can have a varied range of workplace experiences that enable you to cover the activities required by the HSST curricula and the Higher Specialist Scientist Standards of Proficiency.

Workplace supervisors should be informed by you when you will need to be at university, what you will be studying, when, and what your key deadlines are. Supervisors should also be familiar with the HSST curriculum and the Higher Specialist Scientist Standards of Proficiency.